Reminisce hearkens us back to a time of self-discovery, conflict and royalty.

Here, we explore photography not only as a means for documentation but also for recollection, empowerment and therapy.

The works of Alain Ngann and BLVCKVRTIST portray a great sense of pride in black culture. The artists channel their emotions and personal experiences through their photography. They also find inspiration in long forgotten and seemingly mundane black histories. BLVCKVRTIST’s approach is vivid and surreal in comparison to the more somber and naturalistic representation of Alain Ngann’s work. Both works are striking and immerse the viewer.

Enjoy the beauty of confluence from these star photographers. This stunning capsule collection allows us to remember, hope and dream as we allow ourselves to be immersed in the beauty and power of photography.



The world has seen many changes in recent years, which should challenge us about our condition, as human beings but also about our place as black people. Reminiscences then appear as a cry that comes from the past to remind us of ourselves… to remind us of what we have been. How beautiful we are, how proud we are, how worthy descendants of warriors, kings and queens… to remind us that we must stand.

A formidable and diverse photographer from Cameroon, Alain Ngann criss-crosses between architecture, fashion photography and advertising.

A master of advertisement photography, he creates images that are engaged by big brands and agencies in numerous campaigns.

His works delineate multiplicity, coalesced conceptualisations and offers much needed equanimity in the face of difficult social realities for Africans.



B L V C K V R T I S T, aka Jean-David Nian Goran, is a young Ivorian photographer and digital artist. Passionate about photography since his youth, he began his professional career in 2020.

In his creations, BLVCKVRTIST reveals his feelings and emotions, echoing the pain and sorrow of his life and his difficult childhood. Like therapy, his photography conveys positive messages and proves to the world that photography can heal inner wounds. His universe is dreamlike in their composition of imaginary landscapes from distant and futuristic planets.

For this new body of work, BLVCKVRTIST highlights his influences: spirituality, nature and society. He plunges viewers into his own consciousness to reveal them with different scenes and scenery. All the things that may have mattered to him since childhood.

“A Travers Un Regard” is an invitation to integrate the imagination of the artist, in order to see the world from his point of view.

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